MarshallAI is one of the fastest platforms to get from zero to production in demanding machine vision cases, having the largest cities in the region and notable security authority and law enforcement as customers.
  • 2016 Year founded
  • 4/6 Of largest cities in the region as clients
  • +5 Law enforcement / security authority customers
  • 8 People working in MarshallAI

How MarshallAI was born

We have always had a strong interest in applied mathematics and information theory. When one of the most iconic deep learning model Resnet was launched in 2015, we were amazed of it’s recognition capabilities and realized there will be many intellectually exciting trajectories, unsolved questions and opportunities along the way so we decided to invest our time and money and started our deep sea diving to the uncharted waters of neural networks.

Production-grade deep learning for challenging environments

MarshallAI offers its customers a fault-tolerant deep learning solutions with optimized latency and accuracy. It’s one of the fastest platforms to get from zero to production in demanding machine vision cases.

Rugged machine vision solutions

MarshallAI platform runs on any public cloud or in your private data center, hybrid environment, virtualized or bare metal. It detects objects and incidents in real time from any video feed. Marshall AI enables efficient and automatic situational awareness and intelligent automation by gathering relevant data for smart cities, security, and authorities.

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