From results-driven strategy to industry-leading video productions, Videolle delivers digital-first content from Coca-Cola to Uber and is the most profitable digital video agency in Finland.
  • 2015 Founding year
  • 20 Media experts
  • 2 Offices in Helsinki and Turku
  • 1.87 M€ Turnover in 2020
  • 329 k€ Profits in 2020
  • 1000+ Productions delivered
  • 200+ Clients served

Democratization of quality video content with lean methodologies

Early on in 2014, we saw the demand rise for high-quality video content, and an opportunity to bring agile methodologies and digital-first approach in video production. Advances in software and technology made it possible to create more with less. The idea was the democratization quality video content across the business landscape. On top of our democratization vision, another crucial differentiating factor was to replace the hierarchical structures of old production methods with lean methodologies and a high trust environment.

From startup to full-stack video agency

Videolle has grown to a full-stack video agency helping brands reach their goals through digital video marketing. With strategic insight, Videolle creates powerful content optimized for each digital channel. The in-house team of professionals designs concepts and creates productions from online series and cinematic brand films to animations and videos for social media.

Videolle Productions, founded in 2014, has rapidly grown into the most successful video production company in Finland by rethinking the production of brand and corporate videos.

Kauppalehti 12.18.2019

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